Education Industry

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Education Industry

Each semester, universities are presented with the challenge of increasing student enrollment in a market that is consistently competitive. Many universities have already seen the benefits of using Kelconix Global Services to increase their student enrollment. These universities see increased completed online applications, increased appointments with an admissions officer booked online, and increased overall enrollment and revenue. In addition to this very important goal, Kelconix Global Services provide universities with important marketing and web statistics to improve their enrollment process.

To attract a generation whose medium of communication is text/instant messaging, in addition to traditional voice and email services, Kelconix Global Services offers Live Chat to recruit students one-on-one in an accessible environment. Chats are initiated by students at the moment they need help. Most students indicate a preference for chat over both the telephone and office visits. Students who used online chat services provided by Kelconix Global Services gave it a 97% approval rating of excellent or good.

Kelconix Global Services ensure a successful and secure partnership:

  • Kelconix Global Services are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities by a certified party.
  • Kelconix Global Services are designed with disaster avoidance in mind.
  • Kelconix Global Services resources regularly integrate and interface with both authenticated and unauthenticated sides of customer networks, allowing for safe and secure encrypted transactions.

Some of the services we offer Educational Institutes include:

  • Online Student Admission Solutions
  • Lead Generation
  • Alumni Database Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • Retention
  • Qualify Inbound Calls
  • Full Enrollment
  • Technology Solutions

Our Education Industry clients have seen the following results:

  • 50% Increase in Leads per Hour
  • 10% Improvement in Customer Satisfaction
  • 95%+ Quality Scores
  • 30% Reduction in Cost Per Lead
  • Thousands of Qualified Leads and Millions in Incremental Revenue

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Kelconix Global Services is an Digital Marketing, IT services, consulting and business solutions deliver real results to global businesses and help them experience certainty.

We are a dynamic, competent solution and service provider .We are a customer centric company offering one-stop solutions across various verticals like BPO, KPO and IT services providing across the world.


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