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Digital assets development & efficient management

Digital Media & Entertainment Industry

Digital Media & entertainment is the industry where digitization has consistently grown. The industry always unswervingly embraces technology advancements and generates buzz in the news. Today’s shape of media industry has changed the equations of marketing products and services by satellite channels, internet, E-Mails, social networks, eBooks on smartphones, mobile apps, online affiliate ad networks and what not? Similarly entertainment industry has also flourished leaps & bound from black & white photographs to digital images, blurred motion pictures to high definition videos where internet has revolutionized today’s buying patterns.

Kelconix Global Services Sources has always embraced latest technologies and best practices of effective business management. We enable you to match up and stay upbeat with the business forces that create the shift which will help tomorrow’s enterprises lead the ‘digital evolution’ and stay strong – creatively and financially.

Dital Media & Entertainment Related Services:

  • Desktop / Mobile / CTV / Audio
  • ORTB as well as VAST
  • Market Surveys & Data Processing
  • PMP / DMP / SSP / DSP
  • Software Development
    • Customised Applications
    • Mobile Applications
    • Web & eCommerce Portals
  • Enterprise Solutions
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • Collaborative Portals solution
    • Enterprise Mobility applications
  • Engineering Design
    • Product Design & Development

Media & Entertainment Prowess:

  • Effective business process management
  • Enabling your enterprise for multi-channel market readiness
  • Helping you reach direct to your consumer eliminating cost governing mediators
  • Custom book publishing, and learning and knowledge management systems
  • Digital assets development & efficient management
  • Consumer interest & buying pattern insights

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Kelconix Global Services is an Digital Marketing, IT services, consulting and business solutions deliver real results to global businesses and help them experience certainty.

We are a dynamic, competent solution and service provider .We are a customer centric company offering one-stop solutions across various verticals like BPO, KPO and IT services providing across the world.


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